Commercial Promotion Cheap Outdoor Custom Feather Flag
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Commercial Promotion Cheap Outdoor Custom Feather Flag

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UsageAdvertisingPole materialfiberglassBase materialsteelPrintingHeat TransferTypedye sublimationModel NumberFBS52Place of OriginShanghai, China (Mainland)What material is your feather banner made out of?The feather banner is made from a lightweight,.

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Pole material
Base material
Heat Transfer
dye sublimation
Model Number
Place of Origin
Shanghai, China (Mainland)


What material is your feather banner made out of?
The feather banner is made from a lightweight, 4 oz. polyester material. 

Is the single sided option for feather banners mirrored or print through?
If you select a single-sided feather flag banner please be aware that it is print-through rather than duplicated on the back side. This means that someone will be able to see your printed design from the other side but the design and the text will be mirrored. To have the same message on the back side of the sign, and have it appear on both sides, you will need to select the double-sided option for your banner.

Can your feather banners be double sided?
Yes. We offer double sided feather banners for an additional cost. Please see the next question for details and design considerations for our double sided option.

For double sided feather banners, can I do different images on the front and back?
Yes. You can either design your banner so that both sides are the same or both sides are different. 

What is the water bag? Can it be filled with sand?
The water bag is a donut-shaped weight that can be inflated using water. This weight is used with the cross base in order to increase stability. We would recommend using just water to allow for easy emptying of the bag and subsequent transport. 

Will exposure to sun fade the banner?
If the banner is placed in direct sunlight, the banner will end up fading over time. Though, this will require a prolonged period of direct sunlight. In almost all cases this shouldn’t be a concern over the short or medium term.

Will my banner become faded or worn over time?
Your banner can become faded or worn if placed in direct sunlight for an extended period much like any other printed material or if the banner material is in frequent contact with an abrasive surface. Like with most fabric materials, using them repeatedly will cause wear and tear over time.

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